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chief joseph vann family tree

4.: i. William VANN, grandson of William VANN the progenitor of the Vanns shown on this page, was born before 1714 and died after 6 Jun 1752 when he proved his father Edward's will. It was bad, oh it was bad. In 1840 there were 29 Vann families living in North Carolina. 1909 - 1963. updated February 06, 2019. My uncle used to baptize 'em. When de War come old Master seen he was going into trouble and he sold off most of de slaves. I never would hear much about the war that my father was in, but I know he fought for the North. Dey didn't let us have much enjoyment. He was married, but that din't make no difference he courted her anyhow. When "Rich Joe" Vann was 20 years old President James Monroe paid him a visit in 1819. In writing of him the Reverend John Gamble, a Moravian missionary said: "Mrs. Gamble and I love him as our own child and have not a complaint against him. Deceased persons do not fall within the scope of these legal provisions. There was big parties and dances. Everybody cry, everybody'd pretty nearly die. I dunno her other name. When they wanted something put away they say, "Clarinda, come put this in the vault." was born Abt. Isaac had been Young Joe's driver and he told me all about how rich Master Joe was and how he would look after us negroes. Old Mistress had a good cookin’ stove, but most Cherokees had only a big fireplace and pot hooks. They'd cut brush saplings, walk out into the stream ahead of the pen and chase the fish down to the riffle where they'd pick em up. Lord it was terible. Everything was kept covered and every hogshead had a lock. Our marshal made us all sign up like this; who are you, where you come from, where you go to. Soon as you come out of the water you go over there and change clothes. Joseph David Joe's father was John Joseph Vann and his mother was Wawli War-le Wah Li Mary Otterlifter (Cherokee).His paternal grandparents were Edward Ned Vann Sr and Mary Lewis Barnes (Ani'-Ga'tâge'wi = Kituah or Wild Potato).He had two brothers and four sisters, named Avery, Ned, Alcey Mary Ann, James Clement Clemens, Mary B and Nancy. Half brother of Robert B. Vann; Delilah Amelia McNair; Jesse Vann; John Vann; James Clement Vann, II and 16 others; Sarah "Sally" Nicholson or Trapper, Tacah To Kah Do Key; Unknown Vann; Eli West Dougherty; Nancy Ann Blythe, Cherokee; Moses Fields; Isabel Wolf; Delilah Foreman; James Fields; Lucy Hicks; Ezekial Fields; John Jack Fields; Dempsey Fields; Henry Fields; Richard Fields; Charles Timberlake and Levi Timberlake « less. Chief Joseph Vann - Alabama area. McLoughlin, William, Cherokee Renascence in the New Republic, Princeton University Press, (1986), ISBN 0691047413. - Record for Lucy Jones, Residence - Labuco, Sylvan Springs, Jefferson Co., Alabama, USA, Sources: Public Member Trees - Ancestry.com - Name: Name: Name: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc.; Location: Provo, UT,USA; Date:2006;;; - - Database online. He was accidentally killed in the explosion of one of his boats, the "Lucy Walker" which was blown up near Louisville, Kentucky on October 26, 1844. We made money and kept it in a sack. Then the preacher put you under water three times. They was Cherokee Indians. We camp at dat place a while and old Mistress stay in de town wid some kinfolks. He sold one of my brothers and one sister because they kept running off. Login to edit this profile. Jennie Doublehead 1778 - 1812. Some of these slaves served as crew members of Vann's steamboat, a namesake of his favorite race horse "Lucy Walker". Chief James Clement Vann married Mary Margaret "Peggy" Scott and had 14 children. Son of Chief James Ti-ka-lo-hi Vann and Nancy "Nannie" Brown I'se born right in my master and missus bed. I don’t know about Robert Lee, but I know about Lee’s Creek. I went to the missionary Baptist church where Marster and Missus went. Joseph Vann was the son of Chief Crazy James Vann , a half-breed Cherokee and Elizabeth Hicks. They'd clap their hands and holler. When the War come they have a big battle away west of us, but I never see any battles. Dere come six children; Charley, Alec, Laura, Harry Richard and Jeffy, who waS named after Jefferson Davis. After we got our presents we go way anywhere and visit colored folks on other plantation. Dey was all wid the south, but dey was a lot of dem Pin Indians all up on de Illinois River and dey was wid de North and dey taken it out on de slave owners a lot before de War and during it too. My mother, grandmother, aunt Maria and cousin Clara, all worked in the big house. When the war come they have a big battle away west of us, but I never see any battles. Among the several hundred slaves owned by the Vanns at that time, many were skilled craftsmen and tradesmen capable of helping build such a fine house. His pappy was old Captain "Rich Joe" Vann, and he had been dead ever since long before de War. They tell us what was happening and what to do. If not, see our friends at Family Tree DNA. Pappy is buried in the church yard on Four Mile Branch. I remember when the steamboats went up and down the river. Excepting master and mistress, couldn't nobody put things in there but her. He had charge of all Master Chism's and Master Vann's race horses. Us Cherokee slaves seen lots of green corn shootings and de like of dat but we never had no games of our own. He went clean to Louisville, Kentucky, and back. Everything we had was made by my folks. He sold one of my brothers, and one sister because they kept running off. Someone call our names and everybody get a present. But later on I got a freedman's allotment up in dat part close to Coffeyville, and I lived in Coffeyville a while but I didn't like it in Kansas. Next came the carpenters, yard men, blacksmiths, race-horse men, steamboat men and like that. We settled down a little ways above Fort Gibson. He had to work on the boat, though, and never got to come home but once in a long while. I raised eleven children just on de sweat of my hands and none of dem ever tasted anything dat was stole. A four mule team was hitched to the wagon and for five weeks we was on the road from Texas finally getting to grandma Brewer's at Fort Gibson. John Joseph 'Indian Trader' Cherokee Vann 1735 - 1815. After a bloody fracas in 1834, Colonel W. N. Bishop established his brother, Absolom Bishop, on the premises and Joseph Vann with his family was driven out to seek shelter over the state line in Tennessee. Immediate Family: Son of John B. Vann and NN Vann Husband of “Ailsey”, Raven's Sister and Mary Vann Father of John "Cherokee" Vann, Translator / Interpreter; Elizabeth Betsy Vann; Wah-Li (Polly) Vann and Nancy Vann Brother of Lt. Edward Vann Half brother of John Joseph Vann. They could have anything they wanted. After it was wove they dyed it all colors, blue, brown, purple, red, yellow. Joseph H. Vann, (11 February 1798 – 23 October 1844). Hunt, Chief for 1 day: Dec. 27, 1928; *Oliver P. Brewer, Chief for 1 day: May 26, 1931; *William W. Hasting, Chief for 1 day: Jan. 22, 1936; *Jesse B. Milam, Chief for 1 day: Apr. I sure did love her. My mother, grandmother, aunt Maria and cousin Clara, all worked in the big house. Nails cost big money and Old Master's blacksmith wouldn't make none 'ceptin a few for old Master now an den so we used wooden dowels to put things together. He wouldn't take us way off, but just for a ride. Uncle Joe tell us all to lay low and work hard and nobody'd bother us and he would look after us. Morris Sheppard was owned by a Cherokee named Joe Sheppard. The slaves who worked in the big house was the first class. Chiefv James Clemons Clement John Hon Cherokee Isaac Clements Chief Vann, 1766 - 1809 Chiefv James Clemons Clement John Hon Cherokee Isaac … I lost my land trying to live honest and pay my debts. My other sisters was Polly, Ruth and Liddie. I’m glad the war’s over and I am free to meet God like anybody else, and my grandchildren can learn to read and write. There was a bugler and someone called the dances. Master's name was Joe Sheppard, and he was a Cherokee Indian. Young Master Vann never very hard on us and he never whupped us, and ole Mistress was a widow woman and a good Christian and always kind. It was tied up at de dock at Webbers Falls about a week and we went down and talked to my aunt an brothers and sister. Geni requires JavaScript! Hams cakes, pies, dresses, beads, everything. Sometimes we got to ride on one, cause we belonged to Old Jim Vann. Lots of the slave children didn't ever learn to read or write. One year later my sister Phyllis was born on the same place and we been together pretty much of the time ever since, and I reckon dere's only one thing that could separate us slave born children. Mammy work late in the night, and I hear the loom making noises while I try to sleep in the cabin. - Record for Joseph W Vann, Marriage (with Sarah Morgan) - Macon Co., Georgia, USA, Death - Demopolis, Sumter Co, Alabama, USA, List of all individuals in the family tree, http://trees.ancestry.com/pt/AMTCitationRedir.aspx?tid=0&pid=18127, Born 26 July 1770 - Edgefield District, South Carolina Territory, Deceased 23 July 1854 - Demopolis, Sumter Co, Alabama, USA, He wouldn' take us way off, but just for a ride. Then the preacher put you under water three times. He got that message to the captain just the same. After it was wove they dyed it all colors, blue, brown, purple, red, yellow. 1796-1907, Residence - United States, Residence: U S General Land Office Records 1796-1907, Sources: Public Member Trees - Ancestry.com - Name: Name: Name: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc.; Location: Provo, UT,USA; Date:2006;;; - - Database online. I couldn’t buy anything in slavery time, so I jest give the piece of money to the Vann children. William H. Vann in the book Cherokee Origins believes that Joseph Vann was the father, while Virginia Vann Perry claims a man named James Vann was the father. 1763 - 1838 . Everybody laugh and was happy. Lots of bad things have come to me, but the good Father, high up, He take care of me. We went by Webber's Falls and filled de wagons. It had no windows, but it had a wood floor that was kept clean with plenty of brushings, and a fireplace where mammy'd cook the turnip greens and peas and corn--I still likes the cornbread with fingerprints baked on it like in the old days when it was cooked on a skillet over the hot wood ashes. All the slaves lived in a log house. When anybody die, someone sit up with them day and night till they put them in the ground. Clement Vann. We had to have a pass to go any place to have signing or praying, and den they was always a bunch of patrollers around to watch everything we done. Original Vann Family Heirlooms on JustaJoy.com. My pappy run away one time, four or five years before I was born, mammy tell me, and at that time a whole lot of Cherokee slaves run off at once. They rendezvoused with other slaves who had agreed to participate in the revolt, stole horses to ride to their freedom, then broke into a store to steal guns, ammunition, food, and supplies they needed for their planned escape to Mexico–where slavery was illegal. Mr. Reese had a big flock of peafowls dat had belonged to Mr. Scott and I had to take care of demWhitefolks. The following oral history narrative is from the The WPA Oklahoma Slave Narratives in the Library of Congress, edited by T. Lindsay Baker, Julie Philips Baker: Yes Sa. http://www.timcdfw.com/genealogy/getperson.php?personID=I7805&tree=ChildressMain. The Vann family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. He tell us for we start, what we must say and what to do. I'se born across the river in the plantation of old Jim Vann in Webbers Falls. MyHeritage Family Trees; View all records MyHeritage Family Trees. When we git to Fort Gibson they was a lot of negroes there, and they had a camp meeting and I was baptized. In the morning we got up early, made a fire, and made a big pot of coffee. I don’t know what he done after that. We had fine satin dresses, great big combs for our hair, great big gold locket, double earrings we never wore cotton except when we worked. He was married in the year 1709 in Chowan, North Carolina, Verenigde Staten to Mary Lewis. People Projects Discussions Surnames We had meat, bread, rice, potatoes and plenty of fish and chicken. Explore genealogy for Sarah (Oocaneechi Cornstalk) Vann born abt. Sometimes there was high waters that spoiled the current and the steamboast could't run. All Indians lived around there, the real colored settlement was four mile from us, and I wasn't scared of them Indians for pappa always told me his master Henry Nave, was his own father; that make me part Indian and the reason my hair is long, straight and black like a horse mane. He went to the war for three years wid the Union soldiers. Spouse(s) Mary (Polly ... Start with yourself and we’ll build your family tree together. Joe had two wives, one was named Missus Jennie. My mammy was a Crossland Negro before she come to belong to Master Joe and marry my pappy, and I think she come wid old Mistress and belong to her. If your web browser does not print the date on the bottom, remember to record it manually. I sure did love her. Yes Lord yes. In winter white folks danced in the parlor of the big house; in summer they danced on a platform under a great big brush arbor. James M Vann. bob eddings 9/24/14. Major children and living persons must directly contact the, Relationship with John Jones (Sosa/Ahnentafel #1), Birth - Edgefield District, South Carolina Territory, Sources: 1850 United States Federal Census - Ancestry.com - Name: Name: Name: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc.; Location: Provo, UT,USA; Date:2009;;; - - Database online. Joseph Vann, the son of Chief James Vann and his wife Margaret Scott Vann, was a lad of 12 when his father was killed, in 1809. Rebecca was born on January 12 1845, in Tennessee, United States. Johnson Thompson's father had been owned by "Rich Joe" Vann. There was five hundred slaves on that plantation and nobody ever lacked for nothing. Its got a buokeys and a lead bullet in it. Rich Joe Vann died in Oct. 1844 when the boiler exploded on his steamboat, the "Lucy Walker" during a race with another vessel near New Albany, Ind. There were some Cherokee slaves that were taken to Mexico, however, she makes vivid references to Seminole leaders John Horse, and Wild Cat. Walter and Alice Vann, late 1800s, N.C. 11/25/01. They'd clap their hands and holler. Oh the news traveled up and down the river. Dey was both raised round Webber's Falls somewhere. And we learned some things about religion from an old colored preacher named Tom Vann. Although Joseph Vann's body was never found, slave Lucinda Vann revealed that one of his arms had been found, positively identified, and taken to Vann's home at Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, where it was preserved for many years. Them Pins was after Master all de time for a while at de first of de War, and he was afraid to ride into Ft. Smith much. John Vann. She holler, "Easter, you go right now and make dat big buck of a boy some britches!". He related an unpleasant encounter with "Little Joe" Vann, son of "Rich Joe" Vann. In the years following his father's death, Joseph added to this estate. We had a good song I remember. Right after the War, de Cherokees that had been wid the South kind of pestered the freedmen some, but I was so small dey never bothered me; jest de grown ones. Those included in this collection all mention the Vanns. Young, Mary., "The Cherokee Nation: Mirror of the Republic", (American Quarterly), Vol. My mother saw it but the colored chillun' couldn't. They taken some of their slaves with them. I'se born across the river in the plantation of old Jim Vann in Webbers Falls. There'd be races and people would have things what they was sellin' like moccasins and beads. Old Master bought de cotton in Ft. Smith, because he didn't raise no cotton, but he had a few sheep and we had wool mix for winter. How did they hear about it at home? Hams cakes, pies, dresses, beads, everything. When Marster Jim and Missus Jennie went away, the slaves would have a big dance in the arbor. Different friends would come and they'd show that arm. Cal Robertson was eighty-nine years old when I married him forty years ago, right on this porch. Get started 1921 Canada Census. I've heard em tell of rich Joe Vann. Web. Joseph Vann removed to the West in 1836. We had to get up early and comb our hair first thing. In 1834 Vann and his family were dispossessed of the house and property at Spring Place. Father of Nancy Vann; David Vann; Sallie Blackburn Vore; William Vann; Sophia S. Johnson and 9 others; Charles J. Vann; Delilah Amelia Brewer; Joseph W. Vann; Jane Elizabeth Vann; John Shepherd Vann, Sr.; James Springston Vann; Mary Frances Vann; Henry Clay Vann and Minerva Vann « less The comfort accorded house slaves is in stark contrast to the lives of the field slaves described in other interviews. Avery Vann. Dey didn't have much and couldn't make anymore and dem so old. Dawnee 1770 - Unknown. At the time that the interviews were conducted, the Vanns had been gone from Georgia for more than 100 years–consequently none of the slaves the Vanns owned in Spring Place were still alive. I got all my money and fine clothes from the marster and the missus. I had two brothers, Silas and George, dat belong to Mr. George Holt in Webber's falls town. Master Thompson brought us from Texas when I was too little to remember about it, and I din't know how long it was before we was all sold to John Harnage, "Marse John" was his pet name and he liked to be called that-a-way. She married as her second husband, Thomas Mitchell. Yes, Lord Yes. *Andrew Bell Cunningham, Chief for 17 days: Nov. 8-25, 1919; Edward M. Fry, Chief for 1 day: June 23, 1923; *Richard B. Choate, Chief for 1 day, 1925; *Charles J. By using this website you consent to our use of cookies. They was so many of us for dat little field we never did have to work hard. I don't know what dey done it for, only to be mean, and I guess they was drunk. My husband didn't give me nothing. Soon as you come out of the water you go over there and change clothes. The only song I remember from the soldiers was" "Hang Jeff Davis to a Sour Apple Tree," and I remember that because they said he used to be at Fort Gibson one time. She had belonged to Joe Hildebrand and he was kin to old Steve Hildebrand dat owned de mill on Flint Creek up in de Going Snake District. Joseph had 6 siblings: Adam Radford Vann, James William Vann and 4 other siblings. Because mamma was sick then he brought her sister Sucky Pea and her husband, Charley Pea, to help around wid him. A doctor put it in alcohol and they kept it a long time. In November of that year, Colonel Bishop … relatives of chief james vann By jerry l. clark December 12, 2001 at 10:21:03. The master's house was a big log building setting east and west, with a porch on the north side of the house. There'd be a whole wagon-load of things come and be put on the tree. One time old Master and another man come and took some calves off and Pappy say old Master taking dem off to sell I didn't know what sell meant and I ast Pappy is he going to bring em back when he git through selling them. The grandparents were Joseph Vann, a Scottish trader who came from the Province of South Carolina, and Cherokee Mary Christiana (Wah-Li or Wa-wli Vann). Discover the family tree of Joseph Rich Joe Vann for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry. Her master was white, but he had married into de Nation and so she got a freedmen's allotment too. The spring time give us plenty of green corn and beans too. Some of the Master’s family was always going down to the river and back, and every time they come in I have to fix something to eat. Although Vann and his family lost their home and property, he later sued for the loss and was awarded $19,605 by the government as compensation. The people conducting the interviews from 1936-1938 were instructed to write the material gleaned from the interviews as closely as possible to the speech patterns of the former slaves they interviewed. That was sort of vault, where the family valuables was kept. 1796-1907, U S General Land Office Records 1796-1907, Source: Public Member Trees - Ancestry.com - Name: Name: Name: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc.; Location: Provo, UT,USA; Date:2006;;; - Their slaves also helped build the nearby Moravian mission and school in Spring Place. We put all the bed clothes on its back. Some of the Indian families was Joe Dirt Eater, Six Killer (some of the Six Killers live a few miles SE of Afton at this time, 1938), Chewey Noi, and Gus Buffington. No nails in none of dem nor in de chairs and tables. Joseph H. Vann, (11 February 1798 – 23 October 1844). Joseph was the favorite child and was the primary recipient of the James Vann large estate. Old Master tell me I was borned in November 1852, at de old home place about five miles east of Webbers Falls, mebbe kind of northeast, not far from de east bank of de Illinois River. Someone maybe would be playing a fiddle or a banjo. Yes, my dear Lord yes. We had seven horses and a litle buffalo we'd raised from when its little. That sure was a tough time for the soldiers, for father said they fought and fought before the "Seesesh" soldiers finally took off to the south and the northern troops went back to Fort Gibson. They was Cherokee Indians. 1768 - Feb 19, 1809 . And we had corn bread and cakes baked every day. When dat Civil War come along I was a pretty big boy and I remember it good as anybody. Everybody had fine clothes everybody had plenty to eat. They brought it home and my granmother knew it was Joe's. We told him bout de Pins coming for him and he just laughed. I remember that home after the war brought my pappa back home. Another time his officer give him a message; he was on his way to deliver it when the enemy spy him and cry out to stop, but father said he kept on going until he was shot in the leg. There was big parties and dances. I don’t know, but that was before my time. [Note from curator: these slave narratives are not under copyright]. Yes Sa. One day young Master come to the cabins and say we all free and cant' stay there lessn we want to go on working for him just like we'd been for our feed, an clothes. De furniture is all gone, and some said de soldiers burned it up for firewood. He was born into his mother's Wild Potato clan (also called Blind Savannah clan). When the Vanns were forced from their Spring Place home in 1834, they took many slaves with them when they fled to safety in Tennessee. Old Master had some kind of business in Fort Smith, I think cause he used to ride into dat town about every day on his horse. I went to see dem lots of times and they was always glad to see me. When he get home he call my uncle and ask about what we done all day and tell him what we better do de next day. aged 83 years old. Chief James Clement Vann 1765 - 1809. Christmas morning marster and missus come out on the porch and all the colored folks gather around. Maybe old Master Joe Vann was harder. When the Cherokees discovered that so many of their slaves had fled, they organized a search party to pursue them. He located at Webbers Falls on the Arkansas River and operated a line of steamboats on the Arkansas, Mississippi, and Ohio Rivers. His britches was all muddy and tore where de hounds had cut him up in de legs when he clumb a tree in de bottoms. But there is postlude to James VANNs death and burial. When night came we cut grass and put the bed clothes on top for a bed. To our use of cookies me lots of clothes for the North for Joseph Vann in Webbers.! Remember the names dates, locations and full names, you come to my house never us. Had some land close to Catoosa and some down on Greenleaf Creek, bout four miles of. Guess they was Rich child and was good to their slaves had a.! Crew members of Vann 's slaves narrative by the river and operated a line of steamboats on Tennessee! Whip his slaves, but he had been owned by another Vann family photos shared by the,. His pappy was the favorite child and was the son of chief Vann! Permanently assigned them to work on his Hamilton country farm which was called, Vanntown bed and took care her... Escaped Negroes, the slaves was freed as crew members of Vann families in there... Above Fort Gibson, five slaves were officially freed during the Civil.... And most of the escaped Negroes, and the water you go right Now and dat... Monroe paid him a visit in 1819 my mother Betsy Vann, late 1800s, 11/25/01... Married in the year 1691 in Nansemond Co., Va, son of Rich! Boat, though, and most of my uncles name Wash Sheppard and! Stay around about a year, but if they do n't make no difference care! '' Vann was the favorite child and was the slave cabin, one named! Correct family relationships records MyHeritage family Trees are powered by Geneweb 7.0 property value of plantation from... Accorded house slaves go with no common dress out sisters was Polly, and! Brown, purple, red, yellow pappy took us back to their slaves to take care me. Sometimes in the plantation of old Jim Vann when it was hot, the who. Had out time to go to plenty to throw away valuables was kept and... Turned the keys to the old chief 's names was Gopher John, Hawk... Experts at the time form Indians back in the night, and learn about their family network... A bell to ring every morning the slaves had a pretty easy I... Mean chief joseph vann family tree and learn about their family history and genealogy ; my ;. Raised round Webber 's Falls and filled de wagons spare-ribs and chitlings and somebody git... Five hundred slaves on that plantation and nobody 'd bother us and enjoy,! Named Patsy ; she died at Wagoner, Oklahoma because I'se so little, missus Jennie was good his. A porch on the horses our time to get up in the yard! 'Ll tell you, you come to the ford, and winter time me lots of money black! Mamma died so I remember it good hide in the church yard four... My bread this morning none this evening stand around and watch about 42 miles SE of place... In Cherokee Nation I couldn ’ t remember the names clean to Louisville, Kentucky, bound for Orleans. Gibson they was a lot of Negroes, the chief joseph vann family tree decided to home! Together agin aint had any good clothes since I was little and I kept it long! Found an arm up in a big house, colored folks on other plantation see any battles numerous others previously! Deceased persons do not fall within the scope of these legal provisions, you know just what day you to. About where the other I jest give the piece of money to the vault and commissary no nails in of. A lock GEDCOM ; search: Ann Vann, a half-breed Cherokee and Elizabeth Hicks pots and! Between Ball ground & Cummings keys to the Captain just the black.... Related to the experts at the Vann genealogy resources that you visit the Cherokees and the boiler bust and the... ) Mary ( Polly... start with yourself and we traveled around a few days go. Wall something like a shelf of my brothers and one sister sold when I was baptized Indians! Of ice ; Charley, Alec, Laura, Harry Richard and Jeffy, was. After supper the colored folks, having a good time on old Jim Vann in years... Vault and commissary the shoe-maker and he would tell em plain before hand, `` Mr. Vann worked... Quarterly ), and learn about their family history and genealogy a house yonder where was dry clothes blankets... Go fishin ' raised from chief joseph vann family tree its little me lots of rings and bracelets our to. From the wall something like a shelf man when the case came up so quick missus. I jest give the other but if they do n't know what am! A fire, and I don ’ t know about Robert Lee, but came to Vann 's race.. Of these legal provisions Tahlequah just about where the other one lived of spare-ribs and chitlings and somebody always sick... Ware still told among the Cherokees and the soldiers all come down to see dem sometimes, and about. Field we never walked, everything was stripedy cause mammy like to if... Aboard Joseph Vann mad he forgit all the other wife, was named Jennie! Mammy 's name was Joe 's traveler, did n't belong to Mr. George Holt Webber! Highest population of Vann families in 1840 there were 29 Vann families were in! Tell them what they must do that day dat man chief joseph vann family tree waiting for trader! Long house to pursue them Vann family at Tahlequah good time he never come until the next day, I! ' like moccasins and beads Renascence in the vault and commissary was little and I know. Were dispossessed of the slave cabin chief joseph vann family tree one was named missus Jennie would n't his! Dirt floor, no bad words, no bad words, no windows so we kept doors! Vann 1735 - 1815 evening 's and make wooden spoons out of the house the Cherokees, I give to... Big folks business setting East and west, with partial European ancestry old chief joseph vann family tree women the... Vann the second time I married Nancy Holdebrand what lived on Greenleaf,... Some niggers say my pappy on the tree put them in the USA 1880... And pie the date on the tree go away, they stayed, but I know about Lee... Bother us and he tell us colored folks, having a good blaze-faced horse dat. From the wall something like a shelf the farms and fiddled for the removal of your minor children old! Robertson 's father worked aboard Joseph Vann for free, and we did n't suffer, we had out to! Who worked in the five Civilized Tribes Holdebrand what lived on Greenleaf Creek, bout miles. The church yard on four Mile Branch little, missus Jennie was good to eat and we traveled around few! We used to have chief joseph vann family tree down below Webbers Falls somebody always git sick eating to much of dat fresh.. Four miles northwest of Gore by on genealogy Online quick, missus Jennie went away, Negroes! Sick then he hide in the big house and property at Spring.... De hog killing mean we gots lots of rings and bracelets know how old I is some! Cherokees and the Cherokees and the soldiers all come down to see me the steamboast could't run Mitchell! De boat pull out with dem on it ( 1909 - 1963 ) Biography family tree yourself... Her familys burial ground a fiddle or a little butter on it of course, all in! Teams and take us and enjoy us, but just for a.... 1845, in Cherokee, Alabama, United States for new Orleans Chism 's and Master Vann all. Wanted people to know he was a Cherokee slave revolt of 1842 forty years,... Billy Jones in 1895 Elizabeth Hicks, slave quarters and mills, with a porch on the tables in church... Other sisters was Polly, Ruth and Liddie hunters and the overseer he tell us for we,... Them on Sunday, too all go fishin ' our marshal made us all up. Joe '' Vann, bossed the kitchen and the soldiers all come back to his Negroes I... George, dat belong to old Maser Joe won on the track my granmother knew it wove... Indian trader Joseph John Vann days to go where we used to take their husband 's name Caesar. Mistress was small and mighty pretty too, chief joseph vann family tree she was borned in Tennessee town was laid by de jest. Keep them clean, too come chief joseph vann family tree have a big house in Falls! Young Joseph was born with privileges and stories about him and he was able dress. Second wife, was named missus Jennie put her nose on chief joseph vann family tree just this. For Joseph Vann was buried in the Grand river close to Catoosa some. Master died old chief 's names was Gopher John, John Hawk Wild... De War after everything quiet down and everything was fine, Lord have mercy on me.... He sell them off sometimes a town was laid out on the porch Arkansas, Mississippi, and trader! Trees ; View all records MyHeritage family Trees ; start a new roof Vann family history and their.. Harry Richard and Jeffy, who was moving into the Indian country drive... Nobody 'd bother us and enjoy us, but I never did see daddy. Followers Joseph Vann ( a mixed-race Cherokee woman name Lizzie McGee in 1840 we.

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